Welcome To Five Minute Resistance

Five Minute Resistance is designed to make it easier for you to consistently fight back against Trump and his neo-fascist movement.

As we all have to make a living, spend time with our families and maintain our psychological equilibrium, we think it’s best to devote about five minutes a day to meaningful acts of resistance.

And that does not include complaining on Facebook or Twitter. We already know who the enemy is. We already know why we’re fighting.

Resistance is about action.

And our resistance is a marathon and not a sprint. We need to act with determined persistence each and every day. It could be a long fight, and we have to be in the right frame-of-mind.

And it’s something we can’t do alone, as individuals. Only together will we prevail.

So we invite you to contact us with your ideas of five-minute acts of resistance so we can share them here.