headspace — April 3, 2017 at 1:59 pm

Resist The Urge To Normalize

We’re over 70 days into the madness, and it’s easy to lose steam. After all, each of us needs to make a living, attend to our errands, perform our daily tasks. And you have to admit the tweets and the lies and the media take on it all is the greatest show on earth.

Added to that, it’s just difficult to exist in a constant state of anxiety, having at the forefront of consciousness the horrifying fact that we are living in the not-so-early stages of a totalitarian nightmare.

I’ve noticed in myself a certain acquiescence to the situation before us. It does seem more “normal” now than it did a month ago.

I’m not being directly affected, at least not yet. I’m not being deported. I’m not in jail. Lucky for me, I’m a straight white guy who could survive this without problem, if I simply don’t let it get too me too severely or too often.

But I remind myself: This is not normal.

And if you’re in any way like me, you should remind yourself too. Maybe put a post-it note on your computer. Or just say out loud, once a day: “This is not normal.”

Normalization, you see, is perhaps the most effective tool in the authoritarian arsenal. Step by step we begin to accept our new environment. It dulls the pain and lulls us into a false security.

So resisting normalization is the most important tool in our arsenal. Resistance is a marathon and you’ll need to pace yourself. Taking a break here and there is okay, and necesary.

Yet we need to resist the impulse to retreat, as I fear I may be doing.

The fight is, above all, in our minds. Make sure yours is clear and alert.

It may not always be pleasant, but it is the key to our Resistance.

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  1. Doing the long slog of electing good, qualified public servants to Congress is what we must do. It’s not flashy like a protest march, but it is the only way to change the way Washington works. Also, praising those elected officials who are trying to do the right thing. Your support gives them the backbone to continue.

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