organizations — December 23, 2016 at 2:15 pm

Urge Rockettes Not To Perform At Inauguration

Here’s a nice piece of resistance for the Holiday Season!

Let the Rockettes’ producers know that you don’t approve of the Rockettes performing at the Trump’s Inauguration on January 20.

Since the actual performers are all under contract, they have no say in where/when they perform (apparently the ladies who are employed year-round are being told that they must perform or lose their jobs).

Flood the producers’ phones & email inbox.

– (Producer)
– (Producer)
– (CEO of MSG)

You can also call:

– AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists) at 212-675-1003 (since they are requiring their performance, make sure you express that if a Rock does not wish to perform, she shouldn’t have to, and there should not be a repercussion.)

Here’s what you can say:

– Tell Radio City that you don’t support the decision and that you as a consumer believe they should reconsider.
– This is a sign of support for our President-elect’s dangerous platform.
– It is irresponsible for The Rockettes to perform for a man who openly brags about walking through women’s locker rooms to sexually objectify them.
– Any performer who doesn’t wish to appear at such a politically-charged event, should not be required to.


  1. Karen Finckenor

    Please do not.
    The Rockettes are all America and represent an America that is not Trump’s America, as well as NYC, who is opposed to this President.
    Please do not.

  2. Please do not force the Rockets to preform at Trumps joke of an Inauguration. Please prevent them from it!

  3. William Orlando

    Please don’t perform and help to normalize this truly dysfunctional part of our history

  4. Hurray for your courage, to stand up to this idiocracy.

  5. kate deciccio

    As artists, we have power to let the work be mere entertainment, a tool to normalize & distract the masses from noticing the horrors of our current political system. Don’t let your work be used to as a careless mask posing as democracy. Boycott Inauguration 2016

  6. Please do not perform for this hideous president-elect and cabinet that do not represent American values and goals. By performing, you normalize the hatred, bigotry and sexism that Trump has built his campaign around. Boycott Inauguration 2016.

  7. Why would you make these women preform for a man who openly disrespects their gender. This is not only degrading but also BULLYING! Please reconsider! # boycottrockettes

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