protests — December 11, 2016 at 10:03 am

Join The #DisruptJ20 Protest

#DisruptJ20 is planning a series of massive direct actions that will shut down the Inauguration ceremonies and any related celebrations–the Inaugural parade, the Inaugural balls, you name it. It’s also planning to disrupt Washington, D.C. itself, using blockades and marches to stop traffic and even public transit.

Whats more, #DisruptJ20 also plans to have direct actions in other cities throughout America.

#DisruptJ20 will have more information soon on how you can plug into specific direct actions, but if you’re going to D.C. and looking for one place to go, meet McPherson Square on Friday, January 20th, starting at 9 AM. We’ll be gathering there to launch actions and regroup throughout the day.

And even if you can’t attend a direct action, you can support #DisruptJ20 here.

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