headspace — December 8, 2016 at 11:38 am

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Back during the campaign, Jacob Weisberg over at Salon.com created a wonderful podcast, TrumpCast, that helps us understand what is happening to us during the Reign of Trump.

What makes it so good is that Weisberg interviews truly knowledgeable people from the world’s of academia and journalism, like Yale’s Timothy Snyder, an expert on Central European history and the rise of fascism, or Masha Gessen, who talks about her rules for surviving an autocracy.

I’ve found TrumpCast not only illuminating, but even comforting in a way despite the fact that the news is pretty bleak. But I guess it’s better to understand what we’re up against rather than not.

You can subscribe to Trumpcast at  iTunes here. Or on Android here. You can also listen on the web here.

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